COVID-19 Protection Framework and Financial Support

The Government announced on Friday last week changes to their COVID-19 strategy with the implementation of a new traffic light system that will replace our current lockdown Alert Level system.

The new system will be REDORANGE and GREEN.

The traffic light system will take effect once each of the country’s DHB’s reaches a 90% double vaccination threshold.

For Auckland, all three DHB’s must meet the 90% double vaccination threshold before it can move out of our current COVID-19 Alert Level system and into Red (under the new Covid-19 Protection Framework).

The Government will make an announcement on 29 November 2021 as to when the country or parts of the country will transfer from the current COVID level system to the new COVID traffic light system.

Due to the extension of current COVID-19 Alert Level 3 in Auckland, the Minister of Finance announced there will be an increase in the amount and payment frequency of the Resurgence Support Payment (RSP).

Base AmountPayment per FTEMaximum No. of EmployeesPayment Period
Current RSP$1,500$40050Three Weekly
New RSP$3,000$80050Fortnightly

The new RSP payment program will be available from 12 November 2021 and continue with fortnightly payments thereafter. The new RSP program will only be in effect until such time as Auckland moves into the new COVID traffic light system (RED).

Please note, the RSP includes GST and needs to be included in your GST return when received.

Below is a table that summarises the amounts that could be received in relation to the wage subsidy and the RSP.

Current Period Sole Trader5 FTE10 FTE25 FTE50 FTE
Maximum RSP support available (2 RSP payments)$3,800$7,000$11,000$23,000$43,000
Maximum WSS support available (6 weeks)$3,600$18,000$36,000$90,000$180,000
Total available over 6 weeks from 17 September 2021$7,400$25,000$47,000$113,000$223,000
Average available per week$1,233$4,167$7,833$18,833$37,167

Transition Period
Sole Trader5 FTE10 FTE25 FTE50 FTE
Maximum RSP support available (2 RSP payments)$11,400$21,000$33,000$69,000$129,000
Maximum WSS support available (6 weeks)$3,600$18,000$36,000$90,000$180,000
Total available over 6 weeks from 12 November 2021$15,000$39,000$69,000$159,000$309,000
Average available per week$2,500$6,500$11,500$26,500$51,500

Apart from the extension of the RSP, the Government has also provided further funding of $50 million to the Regional Business Partners Network (RBPN). Businesses will be able to apply via the RBPN for initial funding of up to $3,000 for advice and planning support and then receive a further $4,000 to implement the advice.

Our firm is a registered service provider with the RBPN and our partners are available to help you utilise this programme for your business. Please contact one of our Partners for assistance.

The EMA and the Auckland Business Chamber have been tasked with designing a mental health and wellbeing support programme that can be accessed by Auckland businesses. They have been given $10 million in funding. At this stage, we are unsure as to what this programme will look like or how Auckland businesses will be able to access this.

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