Business Valuation Services

When you have most of your financial “eggs” in one basket, it is a good idea to watch that basket!

How much of your wealth is tied up in your business?

Successful business owners are checking the value of their business every year, as part of their family wealth creation plan, and to reduce their value gap risk.

A value gap risk is the difference between what your business is worth today and what you need it be worth to achieve your personal, family and business life plans.

Our Business Valuation Service will show you the true value of your business, and can be easily updated to highlight changes over time. The key outcome is an accurate, cost effective valuation assessment of your business.

We use industry valuation benchmarks to pin point areas where you can improve your business value. With ‘what if’ and ‘revaluation’ analysis technology we can create a plan for you to get to (or exceed) your desired business value.

You can also use it when selling your business or planning for succession or asset protection.

If you want to grow the value of your business, we provide ongoing support which can be tailored to your goals, and your budget. We work closely with you as your Value Improvement Business Adviser, looking at your whole business, not just the numbers.

The key areas that this program will focus on include:

Survey and Scorecard

Survey and Scorecard

Complete our ten question, one-minute Business Valuation Survey to better understand how strategic issues impact the value of your business.

Risk and Value Driver Assessment

Risk and Value Driver Assessment

Conduct a comprehensive review of qualitative risk and value drivers that affect your business value including:

  • Industry trends;
  • Key person reliance;
  • Customers, staff and systems;
  • Growth opportunities and more.
Profit and Cash Flow Analysis

Profit and Cash Flow Analysis

Our Business Valuation Service will standardise your business profit, so it can be compared with other similar businesses. Typical profit adjustments include abnormal and extra-ordinary items and non-commercial owner’s salaries and benefits.

Benchmarking and Key Performance Indicator (KPIs)


We use the largest and most accurate valuation benchmarks databases to validate our value assessment and to identify future value improvement opportunities.


Our valuation processes, systems and reports comply with international accounting valuation standards and regulatory requirements.
Value Improvement Solutions

Value Improvement Solutions

We also offer tailored support to help you
grow the value of your business. Our specialist
business advisory services include:

The first step

What are your ‘Low Awareness’ value factors? Find out by taking our complimentary Business Valuation Survey and download your personalised Business Valuation Scorecard. Then contact us to take action and improve your business value.

What our clients say

It’s not so big that you feel like just another number, but it’s also big enough that they can cover everything I need.  I feel comfortable with the fact that as my business grows, DFK OGC will be able to handle the demands that come with it.

Lee Chang Woo

Extremely professional and astute business advisors. Our businesses has benefitted and elevated to new horizons with DFK OGC by our side. Even when going gets challenging, they are open to seek subject matter experts. Anit Patel and his entire team are great highly recommended.

Sanjai Bagia

DFK have supported us for many years and the service has been great across various partners.

MAHA Australia & New Zealand

Brilliant team. Extremely helpful and professional business attitude.

Mehernosh Kotwal

We have been dealing with the team at DFKOGC since last 10 years and we have always found them to be very professional and supportive to all our accounting needs.They do have full range of professionals available in the team to cater for all the accounting related Services and very responsive to all the client requirements.

Munish Singla

We have found DFK OGC’s approach to everything from services provided to how they build relationships one that had worked well for them. We’ve found them to be down to earth, obviously knowledgeable about what they do and approachable as well. They always welcome the phone.

Any time I need them – any of the partners – they’re there to pick up the phone.
And they provide that service after hours as well, which is just great.

Dipak Bagia – CEO Petrochem Group