Benefits of updating business processes

Continually updating processes means giving your business the chance to be as efficient and productive as possible. For a workplace to run smoothly, there are hundreds of operations in place which help streamline the way work is completed. Updating these operations has many benefits: 

  • Satisfied staff:

    Staff that is frustrated and confused by regular processes are not going to be efficient. Instead, if employers find ways to better these processes, then employees will work more effectively and be more satisfied with their roles.

  • Match company needs:

    Certain processes may have been suitable to the business structure when it was first established, however, as the business progresses they may be slowing staff down or be too time consuming. Adapting to a new structure will allow a better allocation of resources.
  • Integrate new technology:

    There are constantly new technologies that can help you complete a task much quicker than the last, updating processes allows you to integrate these into the workplace.

  • Stay compliant with regulatory requirements:

    New regulations that affect business operations are not rare, continually updating processes will allow your business to adapt to these changes.

  • Economic benefits:

    Improved processes likely lead to more efficient and productive workplaces which means that you are saving time, and making more money. 

The best way to practice regularly updating processes is to map out your current processes first. Both simple and complex processes should be mapped out in a way they are easy to understand. This should be accessible to all staff. 

Inform employees that they should note down any suggestions they have. Each employee will come into contact with different procedures more often than others, therefore their insight is extremely valuable. 

Organise regular meetings where teams can discuss their suggestions. Collaboration is key. The discussion which encourages innovation is more likely to produce smooth processes that take the employee’s concerns into account. 

Once your team has come up with a few suggestions, managers and owners should discuss how these can be implemented in the workplace.

At DFK OGC, we have a full suite of business advisory services that can help you and your team to work through items just like this. As part of our Better Business program – , we help you conduct a Risk and Value Driver Assessment,. This process includes conducting a comprehensive review of qualitative risk and value drivers that affect your business performance including:

  • Industry trends;
  • Benchmarks & KPIs;
  • Growth, Risks & Competition; 
  • Systems & Technology; 
  • Ownership, Staff & Customers; 
  • Value, Finance & Succession/Estate Planning.

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